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If you are like me you are always looking to keep things “green” and do your part for the environment, taking on new projects that are useful for everyday life. A few of my early projects were inspired by my trips to the grocery store, as the cashier asked me how many plastic bags I wanted. Of course, I said none because I thought it’s a waste of money and bad for the environment. The cashier then suggested I purchase some reusable bags. A good suggestion and I was pleased that some grocery stores were starting to offer that option.


Reusable shopping bags sold at the grocery store are the way to go! These tote bags can be used as grocery bag, a farmer’s market bag, or just a general shopping bag. Just when you think you’re the “Queen of Green” reusing and recycling your way through the day, someone rains on your parade. Stories have hit the media in recent years about the reusable store grocery bag that show many of these bags are coming from overseas, containing potentially unsafe levels of lead. Some studies on these popular reusable store brand bags, which are made in China or India, have lead / harmful chemical level 7x to 8x the acceptable level for people to be using. How crazy it is to know that we put the food our kids / family members eat into these bags?.. Then I thought to myself “I can make my own at home”. The ones you buy from the grocery store tend to be pretty ugly, not that durable and this would offer my piece of mind as well. After I made a few bags, some of my friends would see me shopping with them and wanted me to make a few for them… TLC Totes was born.


Our mission

To provide handmade, reusable, low cost, unique and safe items made right here in America.

Our values

Supporting American small business and do our part to help keep the environment a clean and safe place to live.

Our solution

Goodhearted gift-giving can cause a glut of excess waste if we’re not careful. We encourage greener giving and some zero waste gift ideas, through smart reusable thoughtful homemade offerings

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