Worry Buddies - Bumpy Purple
Worry Buddies - Bumpy Purple
Worry Buddies - Bumpy Purple
Worry Buddies – Bumpy Purple
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Worry Buddies – Bumpy Purple


WORRY BUDDIES – “Bumpy Series!

Everyone gets worried at some point and some struggle with anxiety daily especially now a days. Some people find it easier to talk to something that won’t talk back or judge them. You can tell them your worries and secrets…and I promise they won’t tell anyone.

Our Worry Buddies fit in the palm of your hand and can be hidden in your pocket, under your pillow or in your backpack. These cuddly buddies are very soft and filled with a  non-toxic filling so you can rub it between your fingers. They have a natural calming scent and don’t worry it’s not perfume.  The filling is edible if ingested by accident and the eyes are kid and animal safe and won’t fall off. These are great for everyone to help relieve stress and of course are so cute!

Don’t forget to give your Worry Buddie a name.

Buy 1 Worry Buddy or collect all 4!

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