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Best Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime To Watch This Season

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Which Movie Is the ALL TIME Best ?..

When the snow starts to fall, it means only one thing: It's time for Christmas movie nights!

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THE BEST Christmas movies are on Amazon Prime Video. Ranging from the most popular titles you've definitely heard of, to very famous black-and-white classic Christmas movies... I am interested to know your opinion to the list i made below:

It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life 1946

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Definitely one of the best Christmas movies of all time, you’ll laugh and cry after watching Donna Reed and James Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life.

George Bailey has so many problems he is thinking about ending it all – and it’s Christmas! As the angels discuss George, we see his life in flashback. As George is about to jump from a bridge, he ends up rescuing his guardian angel, Clarence – who then shows George what his town would have looked like if it hadn’t been for all his good deeds over the years.

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A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story 1983

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This beloved holiday movie follows the wintry exploits of youngster Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley), who spends most of his time dodging a bully (Zack Ward) and dreaming of his ideal Christmas gift, a “Red Ryder air rifle.

Based on the humorous writings of author Jean Shepherd, this beloved holiday movie follows the wintry exploits of youngster Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley), who spends most of his time dodging a bully (Zack Ward) and dreaming of his ideal Christmas gift, a “Red Ryder air rifle.” Frequently at odds with his cranky dad (Darren McGavin) but comforted by his doting mother (Melinda Dillon), Ralphie struggles to make it to Christmas Day with his glasses and his hopes intact.

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The Polar Express

The Polar Express 2004

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A doubting young boy takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole that shows him that wonder of life never fades for those who believe.

Like his 2009 Christmas Carol, director Robert Zemeckis rendered Chris Van Allsburg’s illustrated children’s classic, a dazzling mix of surrealism and 20th-century Romantic art, for a three-dimensional canvas. Through the magic of motion-capture, Tom Hanks stars as The Boy, the Train Conductor, and Santa Claus, who all suffer from the Uncanny Valley mistiness, but beam with excitement and cheer. The Polar Express is basically a tech display for Zemeckis’s new toys, but since when is Christmas not about the decorations?

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Elf 2003

Elf 2003

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Will Ferrell stars as Buddy the Elf in one of our favorite movies to watch during the holidays.

It’s hard to remember a time when Will Ferrell wasn’t one of comedy’s biggest stars. While Anchorman made him a dorm room favorite, Elf was the film that turned him into a candy-gobbling, box office-conquering phenomenon. Ferrell’s Buddy, an adult man who grew up thinking he’s an elf, travels to New York to find his biological father, played with greasy smarm by James Caan. By tapping the child-like sense of mischief present in his best SNL characters, director Jon Favreau weaponizes Ferrell’s manic energy for a Christmas movie that’s sweeter than a candy cane but doesn’t give you a post-sugar-rush headache. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer: thoughtful, funny, small, and not a pair of socks.

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Pumpkin King Jack Skellington longs to spread the joy of Christmas. But his mission puts Santa in jeopardy and creates a nightmare for good little boys and girls everywhere!

If you spend your time debating whether Tim Burton and Henry Selick’s macabre, stop-motion cartoon is a “Halloween movie” or a “Christmas movie,” you’ll overlook the celebratory message that proves why it’s both. Crossing over from his world, a ghoulish nightmare stuck in perpetual trick-or-treat mode, into the snow-caked Christmas Town, convinces Jack Skellington that there’s a “right” way to live. With a little help from his Frankensteined girlfriend Sally, his spectral dog Zero, and Santa Claus himself, Halloween Town’s Pumpkin King finds a way to transplant the beating heart of Christmas into the chest cavity of his ghoulish existence. If Danny Elfman’s devilish original songs don’t sound like holiday-appropriate carols to you, maybe it’s time to rewatch The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Home Alone 1990

Home Alone 1990

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Macaulay Culkin stars in this comedy smash about a boy who is accidentally left behind when his family goes to Paris for the holidays.

KEVIN! Only John Hughes, a master of suburban wish fulfillment, could have conjured such an eccentric, slapsticky, Dennis the Menace-esque greeting card of a movie. Hughes stuffs Home Alone with lots of eccentric details—Buzz’s tarantula, that greasy pizza dinner, Harry’s gold tooth, the rip-roaring fake gangster movie Angels with Filthy Souls, the shovel guy, every trap in the grand finale’s tricked-out madhouse—and rips through them like a giddy kid on Christmas morning. As Kevin McCallister, Macaulay Culkin summons all the charm and glee of Tom Hanks in Big (minus 3 feet), and as his mother races home in parallel, his smile wanes at just the right pace. Who knows how Hughes came up with this movie, but my God, Home Alone is immaculate conception.

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The comic misadventures of the beleaguered Griswold family continue in this latest “Vacation” outing, the third and most successful of the series.

What the first Vacation did for family road trips, this threequel does for the most wonderful time of the year and all the anxiety, masochism, bewilderment, and warm-fuzzies any extended clan gathering ignites like a match thrown in a shit-filled sewer. Chevy Chase’s Clark struggles mightily here—to make his house the best-lighted one on the planet, to nab his year-end bonus, to fix the newel post, to keep cousin Eddie at bay, and on and on—but his travails remind viewers that investing too deeply in Christmastime commerce can result in nerve damage. Wrapping smarmy jokes inside sitcommy wrapping paper, the third Vacation movie owns its position on the naughty list.

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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol 1951

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Crotchety Victorian businessman Ebenezer Scrooge (Alastair Sim) has no use for festivity, even at Christmas.

This chilly Christmas Carol adaptation was released as Scrooge in the UK, and it’s deserving of the title. As the black-hearted Alastair Sim is peak Ebenezer, naturally matching Charles Dickens’ original description: “The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, shrivelled his cheek, stiffened his gait; made his eyes red, his thin lips blue; and spoke out shrewdly in his grating voice.” The beats are familiar, but few cower next to the Ghost of Christmas Present, or melt from calcified wretch into childlike giddiness when the sun rises on Christmas morning, quite like Sim, a Shakespearean thespian who takes the hopeful story as seriously as any of the Bard’s tragedies.

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Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays 1995

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Claudia after losing her job, having an affair with her ex-boss, finds out that her daughter has plans of her own. Therefore, she may have to spend her Thanksgiving holidays with her crazy family.

When her teenage daughter opts out of Thanksgiving, single mother Claudia Larson (Holly Hunter) travels alone to her childhood home for an explosive holiday dinner with her dysfunctional family. Claudia quickly tires of her parents, her long-suffering sister (Cynthia Stevenson), her snobby brother-in-law (Steve Guttenberg) and her nutty aunt (Geraldine Chaplin). But the evening gets interesting when sparks fly between Claudia and her brother’s handsome friend Leo Fish (Dylan McDermott).

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A modern retelling of the christmas Carol. Bill Murray / Frank Cross, a cynical television executive, visited by ghosts on Christmas Eve.

In a brutal one-star review of Scrooged, critic Roger Ebert called this Dickens update “one of the most disquieting, unsettling films to come along in quite some time.” And this is a nasty tale, with a script co-written by original SNL badboy Michael O’Donoghue and genuinely creepy visuals from The Omen director Richard Donner. Is Bill Murray why some families return to this proudly rude holiday movie every year? Probably. But the Ghostbusters star invests his Scrooge-like ’80s TV executive with enough irony and blowhard arrogance to earn this comedy—the Bad Santa of its day, basically—a loyal cult following of smart-ass uncles over the years.

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Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks 2004

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The Kranks scandalise everyone when they declare that they won’t be celebrating Christmas.

Finally alone for the holidays, Luther (Tim Allen) and Nora Krank (Jamie Lee Curtis) plan to eschew the Christmas traditions and take a cruise in the Caribbean instead. This doesn’t sit well with their Christmas-obsessed neighbors Vic Frohmeyer (Dan Aykroyd) and Walt Scheel (M. Emmet Walsh), who are determined to win the annual “best decorated street” competition, and the Kranks soon find themselves social outcasts because of their lack of Christmas spirit.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965

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A Charlie Brown Christmas is a 1965 animated television special, and is the first TV special based on the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz.

Produced by Lee Mendelson and directed by Bill Melendez, the program made its debut on CBS on December 9, 1965. In this special, Charlie Brown finds himself depressed despite the onset of the cheerful holiday season. Lucy suggests he direct a neighborhood Christmas play, but his best efforts are ignored and mocked by his peers. After Linus tells Charlie Brown about the true meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown cheers up, and the Peanuts gang unites to celebrate the Christmas season.

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Grinch lives in solitude just outside Whoville. He hates the townsfolk and despises Christmas.

In this live-action adaptation of the beloved children’s tale by Dr. Seuss, the reclusive green Grinch (Jim Carrey) decides to ruin Christmas for the cheery citizens of Whoville. Reluctantly joined by his hapless dog, Max, the Grinch comes down from his mountaintop home and sneaks into town to swipe everything holiday-related from the Whos. However, the bitter grump finds a hitch in his plans when he encounters the endearing Cindy Lou Who (Taylor Momsen).

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With all these GREAT TITLES and MORE... Its hard to argue as to why you should'nt JOIN Amazon Prime for thier FREE 30 day trial.

Then come back and tell us all which titles was your ALL TIME FAVORITE!

Dont see your movie ?.. Comment below to get it added to the list.

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  1. Half_Jewmacan87

    OMG Scrooge
    “Seven o’clock. Psychos seize Santa’s workshop, and only Lee Majors can stop them… ‘

    I Love Bill Murry

  2. Good list but I think you are missing a couple.

    Bad Santa
    Die Hard 1 & 2
    Jingle All The Way
    The Muppets Christmas Carol

  3. Boomer74

    Trading Places 1983, with Eddy and Dan 🙂

    1. RolieG4

      Ok, where the heck is Gremlins on this list?

  4. Just finished watching Charlie Brown Christmas with my kid. I think I enjoyed it more than they did

  5. HOME ALONE is taking it away

  6. Krampus should on the list

  7. FgrsRiche

    Home Alone – Kevin Mc = #ChristmasIcon

  8. Remarkable! Its truly amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea
    on the topic of from this paragraph.

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