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How To Wrap Christmas Gifts Like A Pro

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Wow your loved ones with your impressive wrapping skills...

You may think that picking out the perfect Christmas presents is the hardest part of the holiday season. That is, until you get out all your wrapping paper and ribbon and then remember you don't know how to wrap a gift—properly, at least. To avoid the process, some resort to gift baskets, Mason jars, or gift bags. Although these are all tried-and-true ways to give a present that look pretty, learning how to wrap a gift is actually super easy!

To wrap a gift like a professional, follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to wrapping anything from small gifts to larger Christmas presents. Because practice makes perfect, we suggest you start learning how to wrap a gift right now. The reason? Come Christmastime, you won't have to worry about wrapping presents (and you'll be able to quickly wrap all of those last-minute gifts too!).

Once you learn how to wrap a gift, we encourage you to get creative with gift wrapping ideas by turning your boxes into snowmen, accenting them with tiny Christmas trees, or using unique DIY gift tags. What's more, these gift-wrapping tips extending beyond the holiday season. Now, wrapping birthday and anniversary presents will be a breeze. So grab your favorite holiday paper, ribbon, and tape, and start learning how to wrap a gift, because Christmas will be here before you know it!

What You'll Need:

how to wrap a gift

To add some personality to your package, we suggest getting creative with your ribbon choice. You can even curl traditional ribbon to make the look a little more fun.


It's so much easier to wrap something square or rectangular. Do yourself a favor and pack your gift into a box. Taping it shut is optional!


The cardinal rule for choosing wrapping paper? The thicker, the better. To facilitate the trimming process, look for a roll with a grid pattern on the back.


Dealing with hand cramps before Christmas? A sharp pair of scissors with a comfortable handle is key when you have a pile of gifts to tackle.

Here's our trick from the pros: Double-sided tape is your secret weapon for a neat seam. Stock up on a bulk package of rolls now—you'll use them all before December 25.


Step 1: Cut Wrapping Paper

how to wrap a gift step by step

Place the box facedown on top of your gift wrap, leaving the paper attached to roll. Use scissors to cut paper along one side, making a wide enough sheet to cover both sides of the box.

Step 2: Fold Over

how to wrap a gift box While standing on the same side of the table as the roll, pull paper tautly up and over the far end of the box. Adhere with double-sided tape, and crease paper along the box's edge with thumb and forefinger.

Step 3: Join Ends

how to wrap a gift perfectly Unroll paper and bring it to meet the already wrapped end. Cut paper from roll, leaving an inch of overhang. Fold that inch under and crease along the fold. Adhere using double-sided tape.

Step 4: Close Open Ends

how to wrap a gift professionally Now it's time to tackle one of the open ends of the box. Push sides of paper inward, creating four 45-degree-angle flaps, then crease along flaps.

Step 5: Fold Down

how to wrap a gift Fold down top flap. Crease sharply along the top of box, then crease again where paper meets the bottom edge of box. Cut paper along that bottom crease. Adhere to the box.

Step 6: Get Rid of Excess Paper

how to wrap a gift Fold under any excess paper on the bottom flap so that it lines up perfectly with the top of box. Apply double-sided tape to the bottom flap, then fold it over the top flap and adhere.

Step 7: Close Other Side

best way to wrap a gift Repeat steps four through six on the box's remaining open end. Finish all sides by running your pinched thumb and forefinger along edges to create sharp lines.

Step 8: Add Ribbon

how to wrap a gift ribbon Lay the wrapped box facedown on a length of ribbon (about five times as long as box). Pull ends of ribbon up and bring right end over the left. Pull width-wise so they cross.

Step 9: Thread Ribbon

how to wrap a gift bow Turn the box over. You should have two ribbon ends of about the same length. Thread each end under the ribbon already in place, as shown.

Step 10: Make a Double Knot

how to wrap a gift Double-knot the ribbon, then tie into a simple bow. Use your fingers to shape the loops.

Step 11: Trim Ends

how to wrap a gift bow Pinch the ribbon ends lengthwise and cut at a 45-degree angle to create forked ends, as shown. That's it—all wrapped up!

Step 12: You're Done!

how to wrap a present With your first package all finished, the rest should be a breeze. What's more, your loved ones will be impressed with your wrapping skills.


  1. Diane R

    Just what I needed, I freaking hate wrapping gifts

    1. Nicely done. Good advice

  2. Last min shopper over here
    This was good for me cuz im all thumbs

  3. GRSchulz

    Gr8t tips and technique. You must have learned from a Pro 😉

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