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Eco Friendly Christmas Stocking Stuffers

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If you’re anything like me, you are in a constant standoff with the seasons gifting dilemma...

While it does help the cause, just to be consuming less, consuming smarter can also be a step in the right direction. The sentiment behind a gift is what we all focus on. The thought about the "impact" of the gift, before and after the giving can help make it all the more valued.

During the holidays, we want to send acknowledgement, love, and support, but we also want to avoid thrusting another "thing" onto the giftee, that will just find itself among the waste weeks or months later. If you're looking for plastic free or ethical gift ideas for smaller presents, check out these stocking gift giving ideas. Sustainability is the best gift you can give this year.

Beeswax Wraps

Ideal For a Plastic-Free Kitchen and If you pack your own lunch every day. If you're always adding "cling wrap" to your grocery list and throwing used plastic baggies in the trash. Definetly not the most environmentally friendly option. These beeswax wraps can be a viable solution. The pliable covers fold up around foods and cover bowls of leftovers. Rinse clean with cold water and mild soap and you can reuse them time and time again.

Face Pads

While disposable products may be a more convenient option when it comes to removing our make up, for the sake of the environment - and our skin - reusable facial cleansing cloths are a far better option than their less eco-friendly counterparts. Plus, they’re a far more cost-effective option in the long-run.


Whether you’re trying to keep the hair out of your face or you just want to accessorize a bit, headbands are a great way to accomplish both of those things. Even better, these are washable and reusable!

Jar Twister / Openers

Sometimes you need a little extra traction to open a tight fitting lid on a jar. This jar opener with rubber grip bottom is the perfect and stylish solution. I find myself reaching for it almost daily. Plus it can be made with a fabric to match your kitchen and hang on the refrigerator for quick access.

Microwave Popcorn Bags

Break out the popcorn in style with our reusable, zero Waste popcorn bags. These bags can hold more than just popcorn, and they are perfect for movie night.

Face Masks

These cloth, double layered masks, have a thread count of 600+ made from cotton and are a great way to protect yourself from particles and droplets floating in the air.

Dr. Robert R. Redfield of the CDC:

“cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus"
See Also: University Of Toronto Tests Different Face Masks For Effectiveness

Shower Caps

I hope some of these stocking stuffer ideas lead you to the perfect gift that will make the recipient excited to see your name in their mailbox!

Each of these are a wonderfully sustainable and eco-friendly gift giving idea... Which may help you show your loved ones, friends and colleagues you care about them, as well as the planet.

Happy earth-friendly gifting!

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